Friday, December 12, 2014

WINNER’s SONG MIN HO, “I, too, is full of Swag”

WINNER’s SONG MIN HO has got it all. Since he was an underground musician, his rapping was known to many, and his handsome face helped him stand on a runway.
Now we meet him through the December edition of THESTAR. He is even a good talker.

-People say when you are cool, you are absolutely cool. But when you go crazy, you go all the way. What are your coolest and craziest selves?

▶ It must be when I’m on stage. That’s when I have to be all serious, showcasing my music. When I go crazy, members even call me crazy. I’m really playful. I impersonate Kim Hye Soo, Kim Soo Mi from Tazza and Kara’s Heo Young Ji.

-You were famous since you were an underground musician. What’s the difference between back then and now?

▶Back then I stood on many small stages. But I was more nervous then. I was young and inexperienced. I was standing right before the audience. Now I will have more opportunities to perform, but out of anything I love being able to stand on a big stage.

-Fans became more diverse and their preference is different. What’s the biggest change since back then?

▶Many have been my fans since I was an underground musician. Back then they preferred hip-hop more. But people have changed, and now hip-hop music dominates charts. That surprises me. People look after my health. Some buy me vitamins.

-There was an interview where you said you like getting the attention. You show off your “swag.” Is there something you do to get their attention?

▶I love swag. I like expressing it with items like mobile phone cover. Mine’s very fancy. I like spending a lot of money on things people don’t notice easily.

-You are the tallest among all the members, and you are also a model. Is there something you’d like to try?

▶I want to try drawing. I want to hold my own exhibitions. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy reading comic books. I do watch a lot of animation. I just started drawing for fun. I drew instead of paying attention in class. I went to school for fun. I did caricatures, but I want to go more in-depth into oil painting and watercolor.

You are quite good at writing lyrics.

▶When I think of something, I note it down on my phone. It can be a key word of the new songs I write. I always jot things down. Each song takes different amount of time. If there is a set topic, and if that topic suits me, then there’s a lot to write. It’s harder to write something from my imagination.

-        Any lyrics that make you think, “Gosh, this is good”?

▶A song called “GO UP.” It holds my true feelings. The song is about me. I wanted to “go up” together while we were in the competition. “Don’t dream right now, don’t go to sleep Use success as collateral Sell your youth The glass pieces in your shoes
Leaves a red mark behind with every step, right? Even if you separate friendship in half, The affection remains Even as we step on each other, let’s push each other forward And point straight up with 110 fingers, go up!”

Source: YG life 
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