Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WINNERs MINO to Compete on Show Me the Money 4 + Contestants

Song Mino from YG's Boygroup WINNER will appear on SHOW ME THE MONEY 4 (Rap Program).

YG Entertainment‘s boy group Winner‘s rapper Mino has applied to “Show Me the Money 4.”

A representative from Mnet told the media on April 29 that “Mino has applied as a contestant through the application.”

They further added, “He will compete on the show like everyone else. He will be judged fairly along with other competitors. We won’t prefer one contestant over another for being an idol or a famous rapper.”

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk commented, “Bobby and B.I participated in the show last year before their debut and Bobby even won. As Mino has already debuted as a singer, it will be a difficult challenge for him.”

He further continued, “I told him to compete from the bottom as a rapper, and not as a YG artist. He will be competing as the ‘rapper Song Mino,’ not the ‘Winner Song Mino.’”

“Show Me the Money 4″ will premiere in June.

Contestants so far:

Source: Naver

Via Soompi

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