Monday, August 24, 2015

[Exclusive] SONG MIN HO does not get support from YG for the final match

Singer SONG MIN HO will show his real talent without any support, on the final stage of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4”.

SONG MIN HO is to compete in the live-broadcast finals in “Show Me the Money 4” on the 28. In the last episode of “Show Me the Money 4”, SONG MIN HO advanced to the finals by beating Black Nut with his song “GUP” (Fear) in which he opened his heart for the first time, to come under a big spotlight. Now, fans are paying keen attention to what kind of performance SONG will present on the stage of the finals.

According to insiders, SONG will focus on showing his talent in the final match. As SONG belongs to major music label YG Entertainment and is a member of idol group WINNER, he has been the target of attack from other rappers and hip-hop listeners who have negative views on him from the very first episode.

It is true that SONG has been evaluated by stricter criteria than other contestants. Some thought negatively about TAEYANG’s featuring for “GUP” that SONG staged in the semi-final competition last time. However, it is known that TAEYANG suggested his featuring by himself.

Insiders explained the background of TAEYANG’s support for SONG, “In his free time, TAEYANG likes creating choreography or teaching dance to YG trainees at YG training room than having fun outside. Since TAEYANG has been close to SONG like his own brother from the days of his training, he wanted to perform with SONG, and that is how the decision was made”.

Plus, YG Entertainment is not supporting or involved in SONG’s final stage in “Show Me the Money 4”. SONG himself also does not want any support and is preparing himself to compete in the finals as just one of the contestants.

The public has focused on “how SONG proves his talent”, rather than how he grows episode after episode. As SONG has become a wild card in such a hard environment, fans are paying keen attention to if SONG will be able to prove “why he has to become the winner”.

Meanwhile, in “Show Me the Money 4” to be aired on the 28, the match between SONG and Basic will be unveiled.

Source: OSEN
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