Sunday, August 30, 2015

[ISSUE IS] Lost in a close match? … SONG MIN HO rules music charts anyway

YG missed in a close call the opportunity to become the champion at Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money’ for two consecutive times. But YG doesn’t have to be disappointed because SONG MIN HO is the winner recognized by listeners.

WINNER’s SONG MIN HO is boasting his popularity. His name is everywhere within the top 10 ranking of music charts. In fact, the true rival of the Infinite Challenge songs is SONG MIN HO, not ‘Show Me the Money’.
As of the 30th, MBC’s Infinite Challenge and Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 4’ are dominating the top 10 places on music charts. The first to third places are taken by the Infinite Challenge songs, but the “counterattack” of ‘Show Me the Money 4’ is worth noting. In particular, SONG MIN HO’s “GUP” (fear) went up and up to the top slots and once took the second and third place.

‘Infinite Challenge’ is a widely popular TV show in Korea. So there’s no comparison between Infinite Challenge and ‘Show Me the Money 4’, which is a hip-hop survival show on a cable channel. But the songs from the two shows could be rivaled in large part because of YG and SONG MIN HO.

Just think about the songs from ‘Show Me the Money 4’. As of 2 pm on the 30th, on Melon’s real-time chart, SONG MIN HO’s “GUP” (fear) ranked at the fourth place, Team YG’s “OPPACHA” at the seventh, “THE TURTLE SHIP” by SONG MIN HO, Ja Mezz, and Andup at the eighth, and “OKEY DOKEY” by SONG MIN HO and Zico at the ninth.

The winner Basick and the trouble maker Black Nut didn’t rank within the top 10. Names that never miss the top 10 places are YG artists, especially SONG MIN HO. He participated in three songs out of the top 10, and if you widen the range to the top 50, two of his songs are also included.

One insider in the Korean pop music business said, “Mnet and YG’s relations were seen as ‘risky collaboration’. There was even a rumor that YG artist would be the winner anyway when they decided to appear in Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money’. But, SONG MING HO became the runner-up of the show. It is now found that the rumor that YG’s winning had been guaranteed was just a rumor.” And he added, “Anyways, YG gained all the things they were able to gain. They had created yet another star SONG MIN HO, and made it clear that YG has the great selling power.”

Source: YG LIFE
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