Sunday, August 30, 2015

[Music Talk] Which is more powerful, YG or Show Me the Money 4?

BIGBANG’s songs have been high on music charts since May, and SONG MIN HO of WINNER, TABLO, and JINUSEAN, who all participated in the cable channel Mnet’s rapper survival program ‘Show Me the Money 4’, have joined in sweeping the charts.

Is it YG effect? It seems that YG Entertainment is dominating the Korean pop music scene.  [OSEN]
As of 10 am on the 30th, on the chart of Korea’s biggest online music streaming website Melon, six songs sung or featured by YG artists, namely “MAPSOSA”, “GUP” (fear), “OPPACHA”, “OKEY DOKEY”, “THE TURTLE SHIP”, and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, rank within the top 10.

“LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, BIGBANG’s new song released in August, is still popular although new songs by other artists are being released, and “MAPSOSA” by GD and TAEYANG, a song from MBC’s show program Infinite Challenge’s Yongdong Highway Music Festival, took the second place on the chart. BIGBANG is continuing to sweep the music charts for four months in a row recording a long run since their MADE project in May.

Together with BIGBANG’s selling power, what grab attention is YG artists’ good result from ‘Show Me the Money 4’. Currently, on Melon’s real-time chart, four songs from ‘Show Me the Money 4’ rank high within the top 10. It is impressive that those four songs are all by YG artists, SONG MIN HO, TABLO, AND JINUSEAN. In particular, SONG MIN HO participated in three of the four songs, which proves how well he did in ‘Show Me the Money 4’.

“GUP” (fear), collaborated by SONG MIN HO and TAEYANG, outpaced the songs from Infinite Challenge music festival, and is recording a long run. Not only on Melon, the song is taking top places on major music charts like Mnet, Genie and Bugs.

“THE TURTLE SHIP”, which SONG MIN HO participated in for a mission in ‘Show Me the Money 4’, is also gaining great popularity. “OKEY DOKEY”, showcased together with producer Zico, took top places on charts. In the end, SONG MIN HO was the champion on music charts although he won the second place in ‘Show Me the Money 4’.

Along with SONG MIN HO’s good performance on charts, TABLO and JINUSEAN, who were producers in ‘Show Me the Money 4’, also grabs attention. Their song “OPPACHA” went up high on the charts, and is now ready to long run. It also took the top slot on two weekly charts at Gaon, proving its popularity. Indeed, the real winner of ‘Show Me the Money 4’ is YG artists.

That seems to have been possible because of the synergistic effect created by YG Entertainment, a talented music artists group, and a largely popular show ‘Show Me the Money 4’. ‘Show Me the Money’ series are thought to have helped hip-hop music become generally popular. That was possible because talented musicians like JINUSEAN, TABLO, and SONG MIN HO participated in the show.

Even if the program were already popular, but had it not been for the good songs and for talented musicians in the show, it would have been difficult for the show to become widely popular. In other words, it was the good songs by talented musicians in ‘Show Me the Money 4’ that attracted interest in the show, and that interest seems to have led to the show’s great popularity among wider listeners and viewers. It is the best ever collaboration by YG and ‘Show Me the Money 4’.
Source: YG LIFE 
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