Saturday, August 29, 2015

SONG MIN HO’s Saves Show Me the Money 4 [OSEN Focus]

The curse (?) of SONG MIN HO taking the first place was lifted. SONG MIN HO becoming the runner-up instead of the champion actually saved “Show Me the Money 4.”

On “Show Me the Money 4” aired on Aug 28, SONG and Basick were up against each other for the final match, where SONG ended up coming in second. Both rappers were strong candidates from the very beginning.


Basick’s championship was quite unexpected. He became the one who lifted the curse of SONG becoming the champion. SONG was a sacrificed character with so much pressure from the very first episode of the show. He was never free from the fact that BOBBY won the previous season, as he belonged to the same giant entertainment agency. This made him a target for every rapper. Black Nut sarcastically said that SONG was reserved for a champion already, which led to negative impression of SONG on the public.

As seen from such incidents, SONG was in a completely different place as BOBBY. SONG was rivaled against many rappers with his colors in the under world and the over world. Idols on the show have been trying to steer away from being the “untalented” rapper, but SONG’s rapping was recognized as a good one from the beginning. So it was no wonder people criticized him for being a “reserved” champion. So what SONG had to overcome was not only his talent as a rapper but it was the game itself.

As SONG climbed the ladder, many criticized that him winning the show as already in the plan. Many started being harsh on SONG just for that reason. So as Basick became the champion, the rumors were proven to be not true.

So “Show Me the Money 4” itself was being criticized for favoring SONG, and its final result of giving the championship to an under world rapper actually led to a positive result. Basick had to let go of his rapper dream to fulfill his role as a responsible father and a breadwinner, and he brought his courage to participate in the show. This program provided him with the opportunity to pursue his dream as a rapper.

And YG Entertainment’s artist becoming a champion again following last year (BOBBY) could not have been good for the program. SONG may feel regretful for the result, but for the show itself, giving the first place to an under world musician with a child would be a much better picture as SONG will be a member of WINNER either way.

But in real life, SONG would be seen as a champion as well. The tracks like “Fear,” “Turtle Ship,” and “Okey Dokey” ranked within the top range in many charts, garnering much popularity. He is the only artist who could stand against Infinite Challenge Music Festival. The highlight for the newbie who was under much pressure the entire program was when he won against Black Nut.

Source: YG Life
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