Monday, August 3, 2015

V App, Long Time No See WINNER… See You Soon iKON [Talk Of The Night]

It’s been a while, but WINNER & iKON's chemistry was the same.

On Naver V App launched on August 1, WINNER and iKON competed against each other in the Win-Win Game for a sweet holiday. They played all sorts of game and spent the most entertaining 60 minutes.

The two haven’t seen each other in a while, and the show as more meaningful as iKON was gearing up for a debut in September. They were on the same show “WIN” to compete against each other as Teams A and B, while also showing deep affection and friendship as trainees.

The two MCs were WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON and iKON’s B.I. The two showcased some amazing chemistry while running the 60-minute show. Lots of games were shown, from competition of SONG MIN HO and BOBBY of Show Me the Money to posing and taleng shows.

iKON didn’t make a debut yet but iKON left a surprise video message to the fans. They repeatedly say thank you, and in the end showed some real “cuteness.”

B.I showcased some wit as well. He was relentless. When he received a mission paper that said they received the singer of the year award, he joked to WINNER that their album hadn’t even ben released yet. When WINNER won the ticket to escape the practice studio, B.I said he wanted to buy it off them.

iKON occupied a big piece of land with a die, but WINNER got a V Chance. So no one know who the champion would be, because the final result added up V and the pieces of land. WINNER won a lot of V’s but iKON won in the end by taking more pieces of land.

WINNER and iKON were put on a crossroad. iKON, the champion, could win double the amount of holiday fee by winning rock-scissors-paper fee, while WINNER could also go on a holiday if they won. iKON members seemed to be happy to have them together on a holiday since it has been a while both appeared on the same program. But KANG emphasized that Mr. YANG would not approved, and ultimately iKON won. iKON now dreams of a sweet holiday by championing the mission.

Even after the live show, each group spent a meaningful time with the fans on their own.

V App kicked off its service by streaming WINNER vs iKON game on August 1. Wonder Girls, BIGBANG, CNBlue, KARA and other top K-Pop stars will be appearing on the program. The service was launched on android phones on July 31, and until mid August the iOS version service will be launched as well, aiming for a full launch at the end of August.

Source: YG-Life official
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