Saturday, September 5, 2015

SONG MIN HO’s “GUP”(Fear) surpassed the songs of “The Infinite Challenge” show… The practical winner song?

SONG MIN HO (WINNER)’s song “GUP”(Fear) surpassed even the songs of “The Infinite Challenge”‘s music festival.

As of September 4 at 7am, “GUP”(Fear) performed by SONG MIN HO in Mnet’s “Show Me the Money” is sweeping top places on major music charts in Korea. Notably, on the chart of Olleh Music, “GUP” even surpassed “Leon”, the biggest hit from the music festival of MBC TV’s “The Infinite Challenge”, drawing a big attention.

“GUP” is a biographical song in which SONG MIN HO honestly confesses his ups and downs for the past six years until he finally debuted as WINNER. If he could well-express all his experiences of performing as an underground singer, failing to debut as Block-B, performing in vocal group B.O.M, and then finally making debut as WINNER, that would have been a powerful weapon for him as a rapper. “GUP” is a song that expresses such assets of SONG very well.

Plus, SONG’s opening of his heart that had been hidden during the entire “Show Me the Money 4″ show deeply touched the hearts and minds of viewers.

One of the reasons for such big popularity of the song is its lyrics. Through his lyrics, SONG who has become the mirror for his younger brothers and the star of his family asks for the right answer to his father, and confesses that he is still to young, fragile, and ignorant to be a grownup. SONG who has always been so comfortable and confident on the stage calmly confessed, “I pretended I was okay, but actually I was afraid”. Such honest confession seems to be touching listeners. That is why SONG MIN HO’s “GUP” is called the winning song of “Show Me the Money 4″, even though he lost the final competition.

Source: OSEN
Via YG Life
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