Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[Exclusive] WINNERs MINO & iKONs BOBBY soon to make solo comeback at the same time

YG's Boy group WINNER’s SONG MINHO and iKON’s BOBBY will soon make solo comeback at the same time.

According to music industry insiders on June 23, BOBBY who has already hinted on his solo release as well as WINNER’s SONG MINHO will soon make solo comeback at the same time. As the two have boasted outstanding talent as the rapper of WINNER and iKON, respectively, in “Show Me the Money” and other occasions, fans’ anticipation for their comeback is rising high. SONG MINHO is recognized as a solo artist as well, as his solo track was included in WINNER’s album.

YG’s high-ranking official said that SONG MINHO and BOBBY are now giving a final touch on their solo album. Even though the exact schedule for comeback has not been confirmed, the two are expected to comeback very soon.

Notably, SONG MINHO and BOBBY’s solo comeback at the same time will make them engage in a new round of competition. WINNER and iKON have very close relationship to be called brother idol groups, as they competed in the same survival audition show. It is a very rare case in Korea’s music scene for core members of boy groups that target the same age group of fans to release a song at the same time. Therefore, the overlapping comeback of SONG MINHO and BOBBY is expected to be a constructive competition which will create a new synergy.

Both SONG MINHO and BOBBY have established solid standing in the music scene as talented and skilled rappers. BOBBY won cable channel Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3” before his official debut and SONG MINHO was the runner-up of “Show Me the Money 4”. Notably, the two’s songs performed in “Show Me the Money” show recorded higher rankings on music charts than other contestants, so music fans are paying all the more attention to their solo comeback.

SONG MINHO and BOBBY are not only the member of WINNER and iKON, but also established solo rappers. Music fans are expressing big anticipation for the new color of music to be presented by solo musician SONG MINHO and BOBBY.

Via: YG-Life 
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