Thursday, March 30, 2017

WINNER, the most promising winner of the April’s fierce match between idol groups… Making a new beginning as a team of four members after a long-time break

Korea’s music scene of this April is getting hotter already. From OH MY GIRL who will come back on April 3, numerous idol singers including WINNER, IMFACT, DREAMCATCHER, EXID, TEEN TOP, IU, GAEKO, Jung Eun-ji, MINZY, Kim Chung-ha, DIA, and BOYS24 will come back in this spring season from April.

Notably, as Korea’s presidential election has been confirmed on May 9, the competition between those singers in April is expected to be especially fierce. Sports World selected three most awaited teams to come back in this spring season and analyzed each team’s competitive edge.

First, boy group WINNER is coming back after a long time of absence from the music scene. WINNER will officially make a new beginning as a team of four members, on April 4 at 4PM. As WINNER was restructured after NAM TAEHYUN left the team, WINNER picked a very special date and time for the release of their new album. The four members are resolved to present a whole new “WINNER of four members”, totally different from the past WINNER, to fans.

For this comeback, WINNER has “sharpened themselves up”. The four members fully focused on their new songs. “REALLY REALLY”, the title track of WINNER’s new album, was written by KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO, and LEE SEUNGHOON in collaboration YG’s producer Kang Wook-jin. WINNER is going to present their unique color with the song of their own, as they did with the last album. As it has already been four years since WINNER’s debut, the team is now planning to show a matured color of their music and performance.

To achieve such goal, WINNER worked with J-Bird, Jeff Bernat’s colleague and producer, for their new songs. They met each other and communicated consistently, to ensure the best quality for the new songs and recently, a photo of WINNER and J-Bird taken together was posted on Instagram, drawing keen attention. That shows how much WINNER has endeavored to produce the best outcome through collaboration with world-class artists, to achieve the “best-quality of music”. As such, WINNER is making a new beginning, filling the vacancy of NAM TAEHYUN with music.

However, that does not mean that WINNER will keep distance from the public. During their absence from the music scene, WINNER’s members have consistently presented themselves to the public by appearing in a variety of music shows and entertainment shows. KANG SEUNGYOON appeared in SBS’s “꽃놀이패” show and SONG MINHO appeared in Mnet’s “Show Me the Money”, MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge”, and tvN’s “New Journey to the West” show. KIM JINWOO performed in modern dance performance “The Little Prince”. WINNER is planning to make more people know WINNER, based on the recognition that each member has built so far.

In addition, WINNER will actively meet the public by performing in MBC’s “Music Center” on April 8 for the first time since their debut and then in SBS “INKIGAYO” on April 9. WINNER will also actively present themselves in a variety of music shows and TV shows, for their successful new beginning. As WINNER is coming back after a long time of absence since 2014, music fans are paying keen attention to whether they will be able to catch two birds of artistic growth and popularity at the same time.

Via: YG-life
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