Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Kim Han Bin (B.I)


Let's write your birthday wishes to him below 😍❤

Souce: Leaderhanbin & Just Hanbin
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    Have strength for your final stage!
    No matter what the result will be, I believe you're show us your best and I will love that performance <3
    You're one of the most talented and hardworking person that I've never known (funny bcs I've never met you but believe me, I KNOW.)

    Keep being one hell of a leader!

  2. B.I
    Keep on your faith and make your team great
    Many of team b fans are waiting for u guy‘s debut , and also control ur emotion when having practise Xd
    I hope you can greet with you mum and sis as soon as possible , as well as hoping to see you in Hong Kong as soon as possible
    Wish you all the best and a happy memorable birthday
    A 16 girl fan in hong kong since the episode who is next started :')
    B the best !!

  3. Happy Birthday to team b's leader hanbin!! With all my love....gonna support the boys always and forever!!! ♥♥♥

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim HanBinnnnnn ♥♥♥ All best wishes for you! :) Fightingggg...BGold know you (teamB) can do it ♥

  5. Happy Birthday B.I.! I don't know if you will read this but I send you best wishes for a blessed birthday (it is my birthday, too!) and strength and faith as you prepare for your final battle this week. You are a great leader and you have a strong team and no matter the outcome be proud of your all of your accomplishments. I'm sending you all good energy all the way from America and will be voting for you (I speak no Korean) on Friday! Fighting!!!

  6. Happy birthday to our hanbin!
    Always hope the best for you and your team..we believe u can do this
    Everytime u feel so stressfull when u do something please remember clearly we always here to support you as much as we can!!! Himnae hanbin!!!
    You are the best i'm sending my birthday wishes for you from indonesia
    Fighting Hanbin !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Happie birthday to our charasmatic leader , little dongsaeng , may all your wish come true , either win or loose will support u forever

  8. Happy birthday hanbin!!!!!! Really thankful for all that you have done for team B!!!! Always praying for your debut. Enjoy your stage this Friday and leave no regrets!!!!! Always love the cute and hyper side of you!!!! The serious and charismatic side is also very awesome!!!!! Cannot wait for the day team B debuts!!!! Fighting my love ♥♥

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  11. HAPPYBI18BDAY!! first thank you for being a good leader for your team! i saw all your efforts and determination to make your stage performance awesome :))).. we are here to support you guys "TEAM B". no matter what happen WINNER OR LOSE.. we're here to support you and always love you.. we wish that your team will be WIN.. :)) stay strong do all your BEST for your last performance.. from PHILIPPINES :))) --> belated happy birthday.. sorry late post :))