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YG’s special new group WINNER, debuting with their album “2014 S/S”! They aroused much attention with their distinct color even before their debut. [네이버 스타캐스트] 

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On August 17, they finally made their TV debut. We were able to meet the five members just before the most nerve-racking performance on TV! What was happening in the waiting room of SBS’s Inkigayo? We had a peek into what was going on. Shall we have a look together?

 MIN HO and JIN WOO putting on make up and fixing his hair before the TV debut!
We immediately see SONG MIN HO and  KIM JIN WOO. They are looking a tad nervous. They are looking into the mirror like they would puncture it… What’s on their minds?

TAE HYUN and SENG HOON are doing the same! SEUNG YOON is absorbed in his phone.
NAM TAE HYUN and LEE SEUNG HOON are doing a final check on their outfits. They are trying their best to make the first debut as great as possible. KANG SEUNG YOON’s round head stands out! He is absorbed in his phone while getting his hair fixed. Looks serious!

They made their own nametags before the rehearsal. Newbies’ handwriting!
These are the nametags they would be using for the rehearsal. They are new so they would need one. SEUNG HOON’s stand out most—his handwriting carries his playful character! Would you like to see the boys with their nametags?

The new group, WINNER!
TAE HYUN stands like the leader and the rest go for the ‘best angle.’
The youngest stands at the top…?

Exercising, being playful, fixing hair… These are all keeping WINNER busy!
A few seconds before the rehearsal! MIN HO does some pushup in the speed of light. SEUNG YOON comes and plays a prank on him! WINNER’s handsome JIN WOO and leader SEUNG YOON do the final check on their looks.

They monitor their rehearsal thoroughly!
What would be the first thing WINNER do after finishing the rehearsal? They monitor their performance. They ask the staff members if they did a good job. How passionate!

The five members, after the nerve-racking first performance!
This is a photo of the five members after their very first show. Leader SEUNG YOON looks especially hyper!

Heart-warming letters from the fans to congratulate them on their first TV performance!
WINNER remembered to take all the heart-warming letters written by the fans after their performance. The kind messages were delivered to the members safely!

TAE HYUN shows off a ring he received from fans!
Here is a photo of the ring. He shows a happy V, telling us he received it from his fans. Can you tell how much he cares about it?
Here are some bonus photos! Why don’t you have a look and enjoy the five different colors of WINNER?

 Source: YG-Life
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