Saturday, September 20, 2014

SeungSeungJin Imitating Taetiseo + Mino Taehyun Selca (140918) [PHOTO]

@MnetMCountdown tweet: "The poses of SNSD’s Taetiseo coming back with Holler! WINNER’s nickname, SeungSeungJin tries to copy them! If their similarities are this similar, it’s incredible!”
@MnetMCountdown tweet:  "We are WINNER’s sub-unit, SeungSeungJin! They wanted to congratulate SNSD’s TaeTiSeo’s comeback by posing like them! Don’t they look alike? Please watch Empty 6PM tonight!”

@MnetMCountdown tweet: "If you two just went on stage like this~ That place will become a runway! Just walking will be become model walking! Let’s listen to WINNER’s Empty together tonight on MCD! Durududud~~”

Trans by: chrissy96_

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