Saturday, November 8, 2014


- Help WINNER win BEST NEW ARTIST & ARTIST of The Year on MAMA 2014.

- There is ONLY ONE chance for WINNER to become BEST NEW ARTIST.
Thus, Please Please Please Vote for them EVERYDAY!!

 *IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only vote ONCE per ID per day (Twitter, Facebook and Email)

For example: You can vote once by Facebook account, once by Twitter account & once by Email in one day.


1: Go to the Official Site:

2: Click Log in (On the right top of the website), You can use Facebook or Twitter or Mnet Email

(NOTE: You SHOULD use Facebook, Twitter account AND CREATE an Mnet account to vote. ALSO, you can BORROW your brothers, sisters, parents, cousins,... to vote for WINNER)

3: You will see the nominees. Then, look at 1. Best New Artist: Vote/Click/Check on WINNER photo box (Picture below)

4: After that, vote/click/check on the photos of your favorite singers/groups (from category 2. to 15.)
*Note: The vote will count if and only if you vote all categories (1 to 17)

 5: After voting/checking/clicking from categories 2 to 15.
Look at category 16. Union Pay Artist Of The Year.... Vote/Check/Click on WINNER box.

6: Continue voting category no.17

7: Click VOTE, then you will see this (picture below), if your vote was succeed.

8: Click Support Your Star, you will see this (picture below)

Then, click 'Support' on WINNER row.

Tutorial by @WinnerUpdates 
Take out with full credit!
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