Friday, January 2, 2015

[Exclusive] YG Men Pour in from the Beginning of 2015

YG Entertainment will mobilize all boy groups of the company for comeback in the first half of 2015. The sensation created by the comeback of YG artists in 2014 will continue next year, too.

A senior insider of YG explained, “President YANG HYUN SUK himself is leading the preparations for iKON’s debut, so I think their debut will take place quite soon. iKON is highly likely to be the first YG artist to come back next year.” He went on to say, “WINNER is also now accelerating their work for a comeback album. The two boy groups are now very busy working on new albums.”

YG’s president YANG HYUN SUK just gives some words of advice to YG’s star artists such as PSY, BIGBANG, and 2NE1 who have long-time experiences, and he makes the artists themselves work on their own. On contrary, he trains and teaches rookie artists strictly.

Plus, BIGBANG whose comeback has been delayed in 2014, as well as PSY, are waiting for their comeback next year. BIGBANG and PSY were known to have already begun working on their comeback, but they could not meet fans in 2014, because of busy individual performances and change in their new albums. It is highly likely that they will also join the lineup of YG artists’ comeback in the first half of 2015.

YANG HYUN SUK has suggested that iKON will make official debut early next year, which heightened fans’ expectations. According to YG insiders, “President YANG has recently committed himself to leading the work for iKON’s debut album and WINNER’s comeback, other than shooting for SBS ‘K-POP STAR’”.

YG has a system of leaving everything to artists themselves, for star artists with strong presence in the music scene, such as PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and EPIK HIGH. Since PSY and BIGBANG create their albums in their own way, the schedule of their comeback has yet to be confirmed. However, iKON and WINNER for whom president YANG himself is working, will be able to meet their fans soon.

YG has constantly created sensation during the whole year of 2014, with comeback and success of 2NE1, AKMU, TAEYANG, WINNER, and EPIK HIGH. As those teams swept music charts with their new songs and took No.1 in music-ranking shows in 2014, music fans are paying keen attention to YG artists to come back in 2015. YG’s lineup of both rookies and veteran artists looks worth looking forward to.

Source: YG life
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