Sunday, January 18, 2015

WINNER Harmonizes with 6,500 Shanghai Fans: Hot Response

 YG’s WINNER kicked off their WORLDWIDE INNER CIRCLE CONFERENCE 2015 (WWIC) in Shanghai, creating a huge hype in China.

At Shanghai Grand Stage on Jan 17, WINNER held the WWIC accompanied by 6,500 local fans. On Jan 10 their first WWIC opened in Beijing with 3,500 fans, and they continued on with their heat in the other part of China this time.

The WWIC 2015 in Shanghai was held in form of a conference, where the members presented their past and future visions while also encouraging audience engagement by playing games and providing different programs.

They said their greetings in the local language and further impressed the fans with the 9 songs in the debut album “2014 S/S” including “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING.”

Local media gather to shower them in spotlight. More than 20 local media came to the concert site, including Shanghai Oriental TV’s “Entertainment Star World” and Shanghai Radio. On China’s portal Weibo, WINNER, NAM TAE HYUN and other members’ names became the most-searched words.

Through Weibo, fans commented, “It was touching that they sang Chinese versions of their songs,” “Playing games with them was so much fun,” and “their Chinese is getting better and better.”

On Jan 24, WINNER will be in Shenzhen’s BAO’AN GYMNASIUM to continue on with the WWIC 2015, while coming back to Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena to meet with the Korean fans on Jan 31.

Source: YG life
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