Saturday, February 28, 2015

From BIGBANG to iKON, WINNER & CL: 2015 Spring, Flooded with YG Artists

 From YG’s representing group BIGBANG to WINNER that debuted last year, and the already popular iKON even before their debut.


What’s more, CL from 2NE1 is gearing up for an entrance to the American market this spring.

CL and BIGBANG are to pave the way for YG’s younger artists. YG’s YANG HYUN SUK told OSEN previously, “As we promised the fans, BIGBANG and iKON will be the first in line to make a comeback and a debut. We are doing our best to make it come true,” hinting that the two groups are nearly ready to showcase their albums.

CL is currently in the middle of working on her album with many American musicians across various genres. America’s famous talent manager Scooter Braun supports CL, while the local media like Billboard, Rolling Stone and MTV are already keeping an eye on the upcoming debut of the South Korean diva.

Although not confirmed, YANG set April as BIGBANG’s comeback, and WINNER’s new album and iKON’s debut album to follow. Fans are certainly excited. The artists voluntarily gave up their lunar New Year holiday to prepare for the upcoming albums.

BIGBANG coming back as a whole is the first in 2 and a half years since June 2012. Fans have been extremely patient. Their expectations and excitement are escalating.

Many have their eyes on WINNER, to see what they will show us this year, following their successful debut last year. In their last album the members focused more on the melody than the visual performance, and many are curious if the upcoming one will be the same.

iKON is attracting much attention as well. “MIX & MATCH” aired from last September to November, the 7 members (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, SONG YUNHYEONG, KOO JUNHOE, KIM DONGHYUK and JUNG CHANWOO) were finalized on the program. iKON opened BIGBANG’s Japan 5 Dome Tour, and fans are excited to see how much they have grown since then.

Until now, YG announced musician’s comeback without much notice at all. Who knows whether EPIK HIGH, AKDONG MUSICIAN, LEE HI and JINUSEAN will follow these three groups. But either way, YG’s strong army of boy groups will surely heat up the music world in the first half of 2015.

Source: YG Life
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