Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WINNER releases a new song after one year and five months of absence… “Comeback of the Super-Rookie”

 Group WINNER is finally coming back. [OSEN]

Today (Dec. 14) at 2pm, YG Entertainment posted WINNER’s comeback image on the company’s official blog.

WINNER is releasing a new song one year and five months after their first album released on August 11, 2014. Whether WINNER’s new album will be a single or not is not known yet, but it must be an album produced with full efforts and hard work, as it took so long time for preparation.

All YG singers do not release albums frequently, but WINNER is the one most awaited by fans. Since “Empty”, the title track of WINNER’s debut album that was released after a long period of preparation, as well as other songs of the album recorded an enormous hit, the new song for WINNER’s comeback is expected to draw a big attention as well.

The focus of the public’s interest is put on what kind of promotions WINNER will do to come closer to fans and the public, for their comeback one year and five months after “Empty” that created sensation.

WINNER’s comeback is all the more special, as the team will perform at the same period of time with iKON who will release an album on December 24. The two teams used to compete against each other in survival audition shows, when they were still trainees. Now, they are engaging in a productive competition for the first time in the world of professionals.

WINNER took men’s rookie of the year awards at major music festivals last year, and then iKON received all the rookie awards for this year. Plus, considering the fact that the two groups are like brothers to each other, their performances presented at the same period of time will be like both a fierce competition and an enjoyable festival.

Source: YG-Life
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