Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Exclusive] GD Covers WINNER’s New Single

BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON did a cover of WINNER’s new single.

On January 24, a staff member of YG Entertainment told OSEN that G-DRAGON is the fifth artist to cover the title track of WINNER’s new album. It’s the first time that G-DRAGON – BIGBANG’s leader/fashionista – covered a song of another artist, and so, it is expected to create a big sensation.

The cover relay project is a pre-release promotion campaign for WINNER’s new album headed by YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK. The first two artists that covered the song were LEE HI and TAEYANG. They were followed by non-YG artists Zion.T and Dean.

Korea’s top R&B vocalists have participated in this cover relay project, and the fact that G-DRAGON is next up on the line is drawing great attention to the project.

G-DRAGON volunteered to cover WINNER’s new song since he cares about his lablemate WINNER a lot. G-DRAGON even appeared on the shows “WIN” and “WINNER TV”. Of course, the rising number of collaborations must have played a part on the new project. In any case, YG artists are known to be close and always give full support to their labelmates.

So fat, top R&B vocalists covered WINNER’s new single. It will be interesting to see G-DRAGON’s cover as he is a rapper not a vocalist.

WINNER’s project is special in many ways. Usually, covers are done by fellow singers or not-well-known rookies. But this time, the covers are being revealed even before the release of the song, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it’s a world first.

Meanwhile, WINNER will be making a comeback by releasing a mini-album on February 1 and they will release three music videos, two for the double title tracks “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL” and one for NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track “I’M YOUNG”.

Source: YG Life
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