Friday, March 17, 2017

WINNER is coming back on April 4… “First step as a team of 4 members, even stronger than before” [Official]

YG's Group WINNER is coming back on April 4, at 4PM. That will be a comeback after one year and two months of absence from the music scene since WINNER’s last mini-album “EXIT:E” released on February 1, 2016.

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YG Entertainment unveiled WINNER’s comeback teaser image on the company’s official blog, in the morning on March 17. The image is highlighting number “4”. YG’s decision to make WINNER come back on “April 4 at 4PM” is thought to be a message of support for WINNER who is making a new start with as a team of four members.

A senior official of YG Entertainment said, “Even though WINNER went through an unexpected crisis, their teamwork has become even stronger now, like the saying that goes ‘ After a storm  comes a calm’”.

WINNER is the first YG band reorganized after a member left the team, in the 20-year history of YG Entertainment. There is no doubt that the members of WINNER had experienced unspeakable distress. WINNER has not appeared in the music scene for the past one year. WINNER will comprehensively express their sorry feelings for fans who have been waiting for WINNER for such a long time and their thirst to perform on the stage, in the new album.

YG promised full support for WINNER. The YG insider said, “Now that WINNER’s comeback has been confirmed for April 4, YG will make WINNER give more performances and appear in more TV shows than ever”.

Via: YG-Life
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