Friday, March 31, 2017

YG unveiled part of WINNER’s new title track “REALLY REALLY”

YG’s president YANG HYUN SUK unveiled “REALLY REALLY”, one of the title tracks of WINNER’s new album to be released on April 4 at 4PM, on his personal social media account.

YANG HYUN SUK unveiled a teaser video of the song on his Instagram account (#WINNER #fatenumberfor #COUNTDOWNLIVE #0404 #3PM #COMEBACK #0404 #4PM #YG). Even though it is a short video that runs only for about 10 seconds, it catches the eyes.

Watch WINNER - 'REALLY REALLY' Teaser Video

“REALLY REALLY” is a song of tropical genre, one of the hottest music genres these days, and it boasts an exciting and cheerful rhythm. At the end of the song, a line of lyrics that says “I like you” with a unique melody captivates listeners instantly.

As WINNER releases a new song for the first time since the team’s restructuring into four members, not only WINNER members but also YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK have been working very hard for WINNER’s successful comeback.

WINNER has completed the shooting of the music videos for their double title tracks in the United States and they are now fully prepared for comeback.

After making comeback, WINNER will give their first TV performance in MBC’s “Music Center”, one of the most popular TV music shows in Korea. Then, WINNER will continue to present themselves to their fans and the public by performing in TV music shows and appearing in a variety of entertainment shows until the end of this year.

AKMU has been the only YG artist who has come back this year. Starting from WINNER’s comeback on April 4, iKON, SECHSKIES, PSY, BLACKPINK, GD and TAEYANG will come back one after another, in this year.

The full version of the teaser video of WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” will be unveiled today at 4PM.

Via: YG Life
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