Friday, April 21, 2017

“No hurry to make up for long-time absence” WINNER’s secret behind triple crown in TV music shows

YG's Boy group WINNER is garnering No.1 trophies.

In Mnet’s music show “M-Countdown” aired on April 20, WINNER took the No.1 trophy. Along with No.1 in “M-Countdown” and SBS “INKIGAYO” last week, WINNER has now achieved triple crown. As WINNER is also nominated for No.1 in “INKIGAYO” to be aired on April 23, WINNER is expected to set more records.

Such records are all the more meaningful for the new WINNER of four members. The team’s restructuring into four members after NAM TAEHYUN left in November last year rather enriched WINNER, because the four WINNER members had never ceased upgrading themselves during the 14-month absence from the music scene since the release of “EXIT : E” album in February last year. Now, the four members of WINNER are setting remarkable records, with the music that goes perfectly well with their own color.

In addition, WINNER has been appearing in TV music shows and entertainment shows more actively than ever, to quench their third for performances and communication with the public. WINNER won the hearts and minds of people by unveiling their frank and fun personalities in SBS’s “Paik Jong-won’s Three Great Emperors” and MBC’s “My Little Television” show. Their versatile talents were naturally revealed, to fascinate the viewers of the TV shows.

WINNER is also actively communicating with fans through diverse platforms including NAVER V-APP. Right after they took No.1 in the music show on April 20, WINNER hosted a V-APP live-broadcasting and said, “It’s thanks to all the people who listened to our songs. We appreciate the efforts made by our fans. We’re really grateful”. The two-way communication in V-APP broadcasting fulfilled fans’ thirst for the performance of WINNER who could not appear in the week’s “M-Countdown” show.

Before coming back with their new album, WINNER said in an interview, “During the period of our absence from the music scene, we concentrated on our work on music, with a determination that we’ll pour everything in us into the new album. I think our wisdom is expanding as we grow older. We never felt bored during the period”.

That is why “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, the double title tracks of WINNER’s new album, are all the more special. The four members of WINNER made efforts to feel comfortable in the process of working on their new album, just as they are comfortable on the stage. Such comfort resulted in high quality of music and WINNER succeeded in boasting their still-enormous presence in the music scene, taking No.1 on music charts and in TV music shows.

Then, will WINNER be able to achieve a quadruple crown by taking another No.1 in a TV music show with “Fate Number For” released on April 4? Fans are now paying keen attention to the result of the ranking of “INKIGAYO” to be aired on April 23 at 12:10PM.

Via: YG-Life
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