Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No.1 in ‘INKIGAYO”, achieving double crown in TV music shows … “WINNER is the winner” of TV music shows

WINNER is proving why they are winner. Group WINNER is sweeping TV music shows with their new song “REALLY REALLY” whose melody and lyrics were directly written by the WINNER members themselves.
“REALLY REALLY” is WINNER’s first new song in one year and two months.

WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” topped SBS “INKIGAYO”s chart for the third week of April, which was released today (April 18). That is WINNER’s second No.1 in a TV music show, following No.1 in Mnet’s “M-Countdown” on April 13. In addition, WINNER was ranked in the last “Hot 3” of MBC’s “Show! Music Center” on April 15, before the show adopted a new ranking system.

WINNER’s No.1 in “INKIGAYO” is all the more meaningful, as it is their first No.1 in the show in two years and seven months since they took No.1 in it with “empty” in August, 2014. As the music scene keeps changing constantly with rush of numerous new songs’ release every day, experts analyzed that the market of idol singers’ music has been already saturated. However, WINNER is boasting their still-substantial presence despite their long-time absence from the music scene, proving why WINNER is the real winner.

WINNER is creating sensation both in and out of the country. WINNER’s new songs “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” swept No.1 on the real-time charts of music-streaming websites in Korea, upon their release on April 4. The songs also topped iTunes albums charts of 21 countries and were selected as Apple Music’s “Best of the Week”.

After sweeping music charts, WINNER is now sweeping TV music shows as well. WINNER is also presenting themselves in entertainment TV shows, giving good memories for their fans. WINNER took No.1 in MBC’s “My Little Television” last weekend. WINNER will also appear in MBC Envery1’s “Weekly Idol” show for the first time in three years.

By proving why they are the real winner and communicating with the public more actively than ever, WINNER’s comeback with “REALLY REALLY” will be remembered as an unprecedented success.

Via: YG-Life
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