Monday, April 3, 2017

Theme of WINNER’s Comeback Album is “Mysterious and sorrowful”

It is right around the corner. We’re talking about WINNER’s comeback, which is scheduled to take place at 4 PM on April 4. WINNER is now a four-member group, and expectations are running high for their long-awaited comeback.
WINNER is now a four-member group, and expectations are running high for their long-awaited comeback.

The teaser videos of both of WINNER’s new songs, “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, have been released.

At 4:04 PM on April 1, YG Entertainment posted a short-but-impressive teaser video of “FOOL” on its official blog. In the video, WINNER members show off their soft charisma pulling off white shirts perfectly. In the background, a song with a sad melody and lyrics “I was a fool” was played, touching the hearts of the fans.

“REALLY REALLY”, the teaser of which was released first, is an upbeat tropical genre song. The teaser video features the part of the song that goes “I like you. Really really really”. It shows that the song is sophisticated and well captures the excitement of new lovers.

The teaser of “FOOL” was released next on April 1. The part that was revealed features piano sounds and KANG SEUNGYOON singing “I was a fool” in a sad voice. It illustrates the sad emotions of breakups. The general review is that WINNER’s new songs are so good that they show the group really worked hard for the comeback. Expectations are that WINNER will take the music scene by storm upon its comeback.

Fans have different expectations for each song. For “REALLY REALLY”, fans are wondering what kind of dance and performance WINNER members will do on its first stage. For “FOOL”, fans are looking forward to seeing great harmony in their vocals.

WINNER has a lot of hidden cards. This is why fans are anticipating the comeback of WINNER more than ever before. In the two teaser videos, WINNER members are wearing suits and looking all grown up and mature in just a year. Since it will be their comeback after a 14-month hiatus, fans have high expectations for the change in WINNER’s music after they became a four-member group. WINNER will be starting a live show at 3 PM, an hour before the release of its new EP, on V Live. They also plan on appearing in a number of TV shows including MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo. WINNER has a variety of promotion programs prepared for the new album: a special event for its fan club “Inner Circle”, a free open party, and a concept showroom. The group will be launching a big promotion campaign to communicate with its fans more. It is a new beginning for a new WINNER.

Via: YG-Life
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