Friday, April 7, 2017

WINNER is the real winner… Overcame the crisis successfully with 4 members

YG's Boy Group WINNER has successfully opened the second chapter of their career.
Even though one member left the team, that did not become a crisis for WINNER. Rather, WINNER worked even harder to upgrade themselves and now, they are enjoying greater-than-ever popularity.

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WINNER is now building an impregnable fortress. For WINNER of four members united harder than ever, the long-time absence from the music scene for one year and three months and NAM TAEHYUN’s dropping out of the team were no problem. WINNER is staying in No.1 on music charts day after day based on the power of their new music “REALLY REALLY”, wiping away people’s concerns over WINNER’s restructuring into four members. While maintaining No.1 on the chart of Korea’s biggest music-streaming website Melon, WINNER is staying in high ranks on most of music charts in Korea as well.

WINNER has made efforts to evolve as a musician even though the main vocal left the team and now, they are staying in No.1 on music charts with new songs of higher-than-ever quality. WINNER has solidified their position in the music scene despite rush of popular girl groups’ comeback and now they are boasting a strong presence once again. Now, more music fans are paying keen attention to WINNER’s plans for this year, witnessing the process of WINNER overcoming the crisis and opening the second chapter of their career successfully.

WINNER is staying in high ranks not only on music charts in Korea but also on foreign charts. WINNER is in No.1 on the iTunes chart of 21 countries and stood under the spotlight from Billboard, enjoying continuous popularity overseas as well.

WINNER’s popularity is expected to grow even bigger when the comeback performance of “REALLY REALLY” is unveiled in MBC’s “Show! Music Center” on April 8. It is known that WINNER will present the first-ever group dance since their debut, in the comeback performance of “REALLY REALLY”. The dance will add to WINNER’s new appeals and give more fun to the listeners of the song, highlighting WINNER’s versatile talent and intense presence on the stage once again.

As WINNER has made a successful comeback and is resolved to present themselves to the public more actively than ever, they are expected to create bigger sensation, leading to a great hit of every song in their comeback album.

Via: YG-Life
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