Thursday, April 13, 2017

WINNER releases first single album in Japan on May 31… Beginning to go overseas with new album [Official]

WINNER is releasing their first single album in Japan.

WINNER has confirmed the release of their new single album ‘FATE NUMBER FOR” in Japan on May 31.

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WINNER hosted nine shows of concert tour “2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR IN JAPAN” in four cities in Japan last year, attracting 36,000 fans in the country. WINNER will make their presence in Japan’s music scene felt again by releasing the new single in the country.

WINNER’s single album to be released in Japan will have both Korean version and Japanese version of “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, the double title tracks.

After giving performances in Korea, WINNER will meet Japanese fans by giving performances and holding fan events in the country.

WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” is staying in top places on charts for 10 days in a row. The song’s dance practice video unveiled on April 12 is also enjoying great popularity, reaching one million views within one day of release.

WINNER is presenting themselves to the public more actively than ever, by not only performing in TV music shows but also appearing in TV shows including “My Little Television” and “Radio Star”.

Source: YG-Life
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