Monday, January 27, 2014

Yang Hyun Suk Reveals 4 New Teams This Year: Team B Included?

BIGBANG, PSY, 2NE1. The list does not end here. Sensational 4 groups are making a debut this year.

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YG Entertainment’s founder YANG HYUN SUK announced his ambitious plan for the year.

At a meeting with Sports Chosun on Jan 26, YANG announced, “2014 is an important year for YG. BIGBANG’s 3rd full album comes out in summer, and 2NE1 is set to kick off their 2nd World Tour, which is a first for a girl group. World star PSY will be revealing something new, and 4 new groups will be making a debut.

The most surprising news is the 4 new groups’ debut. Not many new groups were formed in YG recently, so this is special. WINNER’s debut had been made official for February, and a girl group that will follow the steps of 2NE1 will be unveiled. YANG explained, “This is not a hasty decision. YG aims to widen the spectrum of its artists with the new groups.”

YG’s schedule for new groups is going smoothly. WINNER is securing its fan base through WINNER TV. YANG said, “Many new groups normally make a debut with a digital single. But WINNER is unveiling a full album. Members’ producing skills combined with YG’s producers will result in monstrously good music.” The new girl group is also devoting their energy for a perfect debut.

When asked whether Team B, which went against WINNER on the program WIN (members B.I., KIM JINHWAN, SONG YOONHYUNG, BOBBY, KIM DONGHYUK, KOO JUNHOE), is included in the 4 teams, YANG zipped his mouth. The secrecy heightened the curiosity.

Team B is currently back to trainees, working hard to reach the goal of making a debut. They made an unannounced appearance at BIGBANG’s concert, exciting many fans.

Via YG blog
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