Sunday, January 10, 2016

WINNER has finally come back… A perfect live

WINNER boy group was so happy and cheerful. They produced album titled “EXIT” to give an exit toward them for fans, to come back as a perfect idol group.
Their comeback with brand-new music and style after a long period of absence was a perfect present for fans.

WINNER hosted “ENTRY NIGHT / WINNER COUNTDOWN LIVE” on the 10 from 11pm on search engine NAVER’s V-APP. In the show, WINNER members welcomed fans so friendly, closely communicating with them.

NAM TAEHYUN kicked off by saying, “I know you’ve waited for us for a very long time. WINNER has finally come back. I really missed you. It’s so good to see you”. KANG SEUNGYOON also greeted fans by saying, “It’s been so long”.

Then, the other members also gave greetings for new year, saying, “It’s been already 10 days since the beginning of this year, but we’d like to give you a deep bow as a new year’s greeting. But as the space here is narrow, we’d make it simple. Happy New Year and we wish for your best health and good luck. WINNER will always wish that you will achieve all your goals for the new year.”

Since WINNER has come back after one year and five months of absence, the members also talked about how they have been doing recently. LEE SEUNGHOON said, “We’re like the icon of absence. I’ve renewed my resolution and passion for music, so I feel like making debut once again. As I feel like making a new start after another round of training, I’ll work harder like a rookie who has just made debut”.

KANG SEUNGYOON said, “I also felt like becoming a trainee once again. I’ve written a lot of new songs and also got a variety of lessons and had some meaningful time. I think that time was spent to get a better opportunity to meet my fans. For the long time of WINNER’s absence from the music scene, I have competed as many as 50 songs.” KANG drew big attention by mentioning that he has committed himself to songwriting and written more than 50 songs during the time of WINNER’s absence, to get a better opportunity to come back to fans.

WINNER also gave good news. NAM TAEHYUN said, “WINNER will officially announce the schedule of our concert soon”. Then, KANG SEUNGYOON explained, “We’ve never held a concert in Korea yet. We held some fan meetings, but our concerts were held mostly in foreign countries, unintentionally. For this year, we’ll meet fans more in concert, as a singer”.

KANG went on to further raise fans’ anticipation for WINNER’s comeback by saying, “WINNER will release a mini-album on February 1. There will be double title tracks: “BABY BABY” and “센치해”.

WINNER members also talked about their new year’s resolution. MINHO said, “I want to be really busy this year. I want to give a lot of performances, to meet and communicate with more people during this new year.” NAM TAEHYUN wittily said, “I want to meet more people in Korea. I think WINNER did not satisfy our fans for the year 2015, so I want to get closer to my fans for this year. I also hope I will be taller than now.”

KANG SEUNGYOON went on to say, “I hope WINNER can record a long-run hit with our new song ranked in No.1 on charts. I think we have to promise something for the No.1 on charts”.

WINNER also gave a special gift for fans in the live-broadcasting. Their new song “PRICKED” was unveiled for the first time before the official on-line release of the song at midnight. The combination of MINHO’s heavy rap and NAM TAEHYUN’s vocal felt fresh. The two musicians with completely different colors collaborated together, to create the maximum synergy. The pain of breakup is expressed poetically and sophisticatedly in the song.

The new song expresses WINNER’s musical color with a voice much heavier and deeper than that of “Empty”, WINNER’s debut song. The song’s unique and sophisticated melody and sorrowful vocal create a charming harmony. It goes so well with the chilly atmosphere of this season, which well-demonstrates WINNER’s artistic growth.

MINHO who directly took part in writing the song explained, “’PRICKED’ is a song that poetically expresses the pain and sorrow left after breakup. It is a combination of minor tune, soft melody, and TAEHYUN’s sweet voice.” TAEHYUN added, “When MINHO first let me hear this song, I really liked it. I doubted whether my voice would disrupt the mood of the song, but actually, my voice strengthened the song. MINHO is a better singer than I thought.”

“PRICKED”, a pre-release song for WINNER’s comeback to be released on the 11 at 0 o’clock, is raising fans’ anticipation, as WINNER’s SONG MINHO was involved in overall producing of the song, writing the melody and lyrics. The song’s melody was written by MINHO and Kang Wook-jin, and the lyrics were written by MINHO. Kang Wook-jin arranged the song. Beginning from “PRICKED”, WINNER will start their comeback project in earnest by releasing their mini-album “EXIT:E” on the 1 next month.

Source: OSEN
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