Friday, February 26, 2016

After Becoming No.1 on M Countdown for the First Time after their Comeback, WINNER Says “Thank you. This is means a lot to us.”

WINNER became no.1 with their new single “SENTIMENTAL” for the first time after their comeback.

On February 25, WINNER received a trophy for taking the no.1 spot on Mnet’s M Countdown chart with “SENTIMENTAL”.

After receiving the trophy, WINNER said, “Thank you. This means a lot to us. We’d like to thank Mr. YANG HYUN SUK and our fans.” During their encore performance, they called out NAM TAE HYUN’s name, the member who made the no.1 song.
“SENTIMENTAL” is a lyrical minor key song that accentuates WINNER members’ sweet voice. It is produced by NAM TAE HYUN and has witty lyrics.

Meanwhile, NU’EST, Double S 301, Ladies’ Code, Rainbow, Mamamoo, Brave Girls, B.A.P, Big Brain, Astro, AOA Cream, Cosmic Girls, WINNER, Jung Joon-young, Jo Kwon, Taemin, 4Minute, and 4Ten appeared on M Countdown on February 25.

Source: YG-Life
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