Friday, February 26, 2016

WINNER is inviting 100 people to their first concert… Even for a closed rehearsal

WINNER is giving their fans an opportunity to see both the rehearsal and concert EXIT TOUR 2016.

Music-streaming website Genie ( that is operated by KT Music and that has as many as 6.4 million songs will invite 100 customers, giving them an opportunity to watch not only WINNER’s concert itself but also a closed rehearsal before the concert.

“WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” is WINNER’s first concert since their debut and an opportunity for their fans to enjoy live performances of WINNER’s mini-album “EXIT:E” that has recently released one year and five months after the team’s first album. Such an unprecedented opportunity is drawing big anticipation from WINNER’s fans.
To fulfill such big anticipation, Genie is preparing for a special time for fans to watch the concert itself as well as the rehearsal for the concert, which is not disclosed to other audience. Notably, the opportunity to see the rehearsal is a special gift for fans, so general audience cannot buy a ticket for the rehearsal.

Genie’s customers who want the invitation should take part in a quiz event on Genie’s website or mobile application until March 6 (Sun.). Genie will give the invitation tickets for WINNER’s concert and an opportunity to attend the rehearsal for the concert to 100 customers selected through lottery out of those who get the right answer to the quiz.

WINNER’s first concert “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” will be held for two days from March 12 to 13 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. WINNER came back with a new mini-album on the 1 of this month one year and five months after their debut album. As the team has suggested that they will meet fans consistently during this year in their year-long project ‘EXIT MOVEMENT”, fans’ anticipation for WINNER’s performances is rising high.

Lee Sang-heon, a marketing director of KT Music, said, “Music-streaming website Genie has prepared a special opportunity for fans who have long waited for WINNER’s concert to see the rehearsal before the concert. Genie’s customers selected through lottery will be able to see WINNER behind the scenes, at the rehearsal”.

Source: YG-Life
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