Sunday, September 20, 2015

Will iKON and WINNER be Releasing Their Albums Around the Same Time?

Will iKON and WINNER both release and promote their albums later this year? The possibility is very high as shown in the teaser image posted by YG Entertainment’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK. [OSEN]


On September 20, YANG HYUN SUK posted a teaser image on his Instagram that had the phrase “Miss them?”

Currently, WINNER’s brother group, iKON has been dominating the charts for six days in a row with their “MY TYPE”. On October 1, they will release their “DEBUT HALF ALBUM WELCOME BACK” and hold their debut concert “SHOWTIME” at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on the 3rd.

Although iKON is just a rookie taking their first step, they have been topping the charts for six days in a row. Such keen interest in iKON is being carried over to the comeback of WINNER – iKON’s brother group. iKON’s debut was such a success that expectations are high for WINNER’s next album. This is only natural as iKON and WINNER are brothers and competitors at the same time.

Whenever people compare WINNER and iKON, Inner Circle (WINNER’s official fan club) and Kon Duk (the pet name for the iKON fans) are put in an awkward position. This shows that the two groups are inseparable. Some even went on to say “WINNER is WINNER, and iKON is iKON.”

WINNER and iKON competed against each other as TEAM A and TEAM B on Mnet’s survival show “WIN” in 2013. WINNER won and debuted the following year releasing hit songs such as “EMPTY”,”COLOR RING”, and “DON’T FLIRT”. In terms of releasing new albums, WINNER has been on a break for a year now. Fans are saying it is high time that WINNER makes a comeback with a new album.

It is no wonder that YANG HYUN SUK posting a teaser image on his Instagram raised expectations for WINNER’s comeback. Some are predicting, “WINNER is going to make a comeback soon.” Indeed, WINNER and iKON released their joint project film “dimension” and appeared together on the live videos on the V app, implying that they may well release and promote albums around the same period.

Earlier on, YANG HYUN SUK said in an interview with OSEN, “WINNER and iKON are both working really hard. They have grown a lot and are making progress. When WINNER make a comeback, and when iKON debuts, they will reap fruit as they have waited for so long and worked so hard.” Fans have high expectations for the two groups to release and promote their albums side by side later this year.

Credit: OSEN
Source: YG-LIFE
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