Tuesday, October 13, 2015

“Full sex appeal”… WINNER’s KIM JIN WOO unveiled his photography taken with Yamato Kota

 Group WINNER’s KIM JIN WOO and YG Entertainment’s first Japanese actor Yamato Kota became vampire brothers.

On the 7 this month, photography of KIM JIN WOO and Yamato Kota was unveiled under the title of “炎(FLAME) PART.1”.

In the photo, KIM JIN WOO and Yamato Kota are appearing as vampire brothers, showing off their new appeals by expressing the images of intense and emotional vampires with blue eyes.

Photographer Hwang Hye-Jung who took the photography did not spare any efforts, working with special films to well-express the mystical images of vampires and sentimental tones of the images.

The story of the two vampires in YG STAGE photography “炎(FLAME)” that displays the unique chemistry between KIM JIN WOO and Yamato Kota will be unveiled in the sequel photography “PAPT.2” and the photography films. The series is drawing keen attention, as the reason why the background story and concept was “flame” will be unveiled in “PART.2”.

Meanwhile, KIM JIN WOO will soon to debut as an actor in web-drama “Magical Cell Phone”, a Korea-China joint project for which shooting has recently finished. Yamato Kota will build his career as an actor both in Korea and Japan.
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