Thursday, October 29, 2015

WINNER Making a Large-Scale Comeback With Four Music Videos

It looks like WINNER is coming back with a vengeance. According to YG Entertainment, “WINNER has filmed two music videos in Sweden recently. They are planning to make two more music videos prior to their comeback.”

WINNER had great success as rookies. They made number one in all major Korean music charts with their first title song “Empty” and stayed at that rank for a long time. Then success in the music programs followed, even earning the top spot at their debut stage. They were also awarded numerous Rookie of the Year awards.

After their success, they took a year-long break, working on their next album. Their upcoming album consists of songs made almost entirely by the members of WINNER. Their efforts seem to have been rewarded, as the support of YG Entertainment is comparable to their support towards BIGBANG‘s “MADE Project.”

YG’s support is justified, it is said, since the musical abilities of members of WINNER have been verified through the survival program that debuted them. So, the public seems to be waiting in anticipation.

Via Soompi
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