Sunday, November 1, 2015

WINNER MVs were Filmed in Sweden, the Songs of Which Were All Made by NAM TAE HYUN & MINO

WINNER is about to make a comeback, and NAM TAE HYUN & SONG MINO stand out for his great work.

A staff member of YG Entertainment (YG) said on October 31 that they have recently made MVs for two of WINNER’s new singles, and the lyrics and music of those singles were written by NAM TAE HYUN.

He is the youngest member but his unique musical talent and voice makes WINNER more special. NAM TAE HYUN proved that he has great talent by participating in writing the lyrics and music of ”CONFESSSION”, “BUT” and “TONIGHT”, the tracks of their debut album.

The tracks of WINNER’s comeback album are all made by WINNER members, but the fact that the MVs of NAM TAE HYUN’s two songs were all filmed in Sweden shows he is playing a bigger role within the group.

WINNER is currently shooting two more MVS for their comeback album, and SONG MIN HO is said to have participated in making the songs of the MVs.

On October 30, OSEN reported exclusively that WINNER filmed two MVs in Sweden and will be shooting two more additional ones, making a total of four MVs for their comeback album.

The director of WINNER’s MV is Sebastian Ringler, the director of DJ Avicii’s MVs. Expectations are running high for the synergy that will be created between Sebastian Ringler and WINNER members.

WINNER debuted with their “2014 S/S” album last year and took the Korean music scene by storm. Upon debut, they have dominated the online charts as well as becoming No.1 on the music show charts. For the past year, they have been working for their new album and, as a result, all the songs of their new album are written by the five members of WINNER.

It will be interesting to see whether WINNER will be able to come up with a mega hit song like their “EMPTY” in their debut album. YG CEO YANG HYUN SUK has put a lot of work in WINNER ‘s new album, and so it will be worth waiting for. People are also curious about how YG will promote the new album of WINNER, a group that has won all the new artist awards last year.

Source: OSEN
Via YG Life
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