Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[YANG HYUN SUK Interview ] “The next YG artist to come back? Of course WINNER”

- I know it’s a sensitive question, but who will be the next YG artist to come back?

“That’s of course WINNER. The album has already been completed. I’m really sorry for WINNER’s fans, but I thought it was not good to release WINNER’s album in this end-of-year season. You know, there are a lot of music festivals, so it will not be easy for WINNER to draw enough attention. Plus, there was PSY’s album waiting for release, too. So, I thought this December was not a good timing. One thing I can promise is that fans will really love WINNER’s next album. Starting from WINNER, YG artists will come back one by one. Akdong Musician, LEE HI, Katie Kim, and others are doing their preparation now. I’ll keep doing my best for the year 2016, too”.

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